A taste of Eidfjord

In Eidfjord, you have the opportunity to try several local delights. The food kitchen here in Eidfjord can offer dishes, baking, desserts and drinks made with the finest ingredients. From locally produced sourdough bread and other fresh baked goods to seafood and reindeer meat. 

Fresh bread for breakfast 

At our place, you will be served fresh bread and pastries from Vik bakery for breakfast. These are crunchy and wonderfully juicy. Just the way you want your breakfast bread to be! And the best of all? Enjoy them while looking out at a fantastic view of the fjord. 

Enjoy a delicious meal in our restaurant 

At our restaurant we can offer a real taste of Norway! Here we serve dishes that highlight authentic flavors and culinary heritage. Among other things, we can offer reindeer stew, salmon and the best vegetables of the season. 

Taste chocolate from Fjåk 

At Eidfjord Hotel, we offer all our guests chocolate from Fjåk. Fjåk is Norway's first bean to bar producer and offers top-class chocolate based on ingredients from Norwegian nature. Among other things, you can find exciting varieties with mushrooms, brown cheese, blueberries, licorice root, crumb pie and carrot cake. The cocoa beans are sorted, roasted and peeled before they are ground into delicious liquid chocolate that is poured into molds. They have a wide selection of chocolate made from ground cocoa beans from different countries and can offer both dark and lighter varieties! 

Recognized apples 

Hardanger is known for its wonderful apples. Apple cider and apple cider made from apples from Hardanger are today considered some of the most exclusive. The apples are picked from the steep mountain sides along the fjord. The inland climate with mild winters and the mountain sides that prevent the rain create a microclimate in which the apples thrive. The magic of the apples was first discovered by monks almost 1,000 years ago. The knowledge the monks acquired about fermentation was then passed on to local farmers. Today, pears, plums and apples have all been given their own geographically protected designation in the same way as champagne. The applesauce made from the apples from Hardanger is served today in the finest restaurants, often as part of drink packages. These are really apples that let you feel an aroma like no other. If you want to taste cider or apple cider, you will find several options, both in restaurants and the local cider gardens. If you come in the summer, you can also always join a side cruise!